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Ground Up Works is made up of a loosely associated group of people with shared values and principles around how to build and deploy technologies. The organization exists to facilitate collaboration through sharing of knowledge and resources so good ideas may become a reality. You can think of Ground Up Works as a virtual collaborative workspace, or just an ongoing hackathon.

our apps

We build apps of excellent quality. Our apps have a refined UI and are very reliable, across Android devices, all the time. Find them on Google Play.

Party PhotoBooth Get it on Google Play

Need a photo booth at your event? There is an app for that! What's a better way to explain how it works than to follow this step-by-step instructable?

Flying PhotoBooth Get it on Google Play

Create, review, save and share photo strips all in less than 30 seconds.

Fency Get it on Google Play

Use our fancy UI to create geo-fences that send an automated text to family & friends when you arrive.

beta group

As a reviewer, you will be able to download "release candidate" versions of our apps from Google Play, as you would normally download your Android apps. Release candidates are just one step from going public, so we expect them to be very stable software. The purpose for the beta program is to have our apps tested on more devices than we can ever own, and to collect feedback for the new features.

Feedback is completely voluntary and open-ended. Help us build better products by joining GUW Beta Reviewers.


We believe software projects should be accessible, forkable, and sustainable. They should be made available for anyone to use, modify, and distribute. Sources for our free and open-source software (FOSS) are available on our Github, licensed under Apache 2.0 or GPLv3.

Android Authentication Library

An Android library to facilitate the selection of user accounts from the device and in obtaining Google OAuth tokens from the Google Play Services library. Find it on Github.

Android Google Cloud Print Library

An Android library to interact with the Google Cloud Print APIs.

This project came about when we needed our apps to silently submit print jobs to GCP. This means without UI implications, such as the dialog that pops up when you print through the Android Print APIs. There is no way around the platform behaviour, and online searches only led to more developers stuck with the same problem when building their kiosk-style apps. So we started this project to build the print APIs that we wish existed with Google Play Services... and yes, you can print silently with this library! Find it on Github.

Flying PhotoBooth & Party PhotoBooth

The source code for the Android photo booth applications.

Flying PhotoBooth started back in 2012 as my hobby project to play with the Android camera APIs and to experiment with new UX flow on a mobile device. The goal was to create and publish a photo strip with the least user interactions. From that, the swipe-to-retake and Wings auto-sharing features were born. Then I needed a photo booth setup at my wedding, which materialized into Party PhotoBooth, featuring kiosk mode with a tablet-optimized and step-by-step UI for guest interactions. As the only Android application catering to this use case, Party PhotoBooth is welcomed by a wonderful community of DIY wedding couples, photographers, professional event planners, and parents professionally planning for their children's birthday parties. There has been many suggestions for new features, translations, customizations, and use cases; some of which I was able to add, others I haven't yet had time for or are beyond the scope of Party PhotoBooth. So the time has come to publish the source code and let everyone do what they want with it under the terms of the GPLv3. Upstreaming pull requests are of course welcomed :) Find it on Github.


An Android library for silently sharing photos to an extensible set of endpoints.

Wings started off as a component in Flying PhotoBooth and Party PhotoBooth, and has helped us publish photos reliably and efficiently over the years. We are now open-sourcing it because posting a photo should be easy, while integrating with native SDKs of the ever-growing number of service providers is anything but easy... so we hope Wings will take care of that part for you. Find it on Github.


A fully Python-based tool that helps you automate Android UI testing and captures everything you need from each test session.

We built this tool to certify each release of our apps across many devices. It takes a few minutes to set up, and ships with our Flying PhotoBooth APK and sample test scripts to get you started. Let's automate our UI tests, let 'em test 'emselves, and spend our time on more important things! Find it on Github.

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